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Name: Helena
Age: 26
Weapon of Choice: Sewing machine among others
Style of Choice: The style shown here is Lolita/Gotic Lolita and for doll clothes, well vintage-inspired style is a favorite.
Favourite Item Made:

I've got a site with garments that I've made but I think that you prefer to see pictures up front, right?

Favorites among my Lolita/Gothic Lolita garments:

This is my by far most detailed Sweet Lolita dress I ever made. It is really a copy of one of the dresses from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright as I'm a little too big for being able to wear their clothes I decided that I will make a copy for me. I love the applique, it took me LONG time to make it... It is satin ribbons stitched down forming shapes and myself I actualy think that my version of appliqué is nicer than the version of Baby! :D The lace trim is hand pleated to give that full look that are typical of high end Lolita brands.

Also one of my favorites! Hard to see but the buttons on the blouse are heart shaped! :D I'm very pleased with both this outfit and the previous dress. There's also a matching bag to this outfit set (particulary the skirt) but you can see it for yourselves at the site mentoined above.

My favorite among the headdresses. This is all black. (the black combination I only use, detest the other combinations with black) The flowers are fake flowers, and the lace trims are both venice lace and nice starched cluny lace. Behind the crisscrossing of lace there's lace background. I think that it turned out quite good!

That were the old items. Now to my current hobby: sewing doll clothes to my Blythes! (also got a site for them)

My first kimono ever made. Took me a while figuring out the Japanese pattern pieces (can't read anything Japanese) but the result is OK. :D

60's fashion! I've also made the furry boots.

Nurse uniform. Very pleased with the outcome. Made everything with exception for the boots.

I want to post more but I think that 6 big pictures is enough for now! :D :D :D
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