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A few years ago I did weaving. So, lest anyone think that I only do beading, here are some of my woven pieces!
(Warning: picture-heavy post, although everything should be behind a cut and sized to manageability.)

The first piece I'd ever STARTED, but since just about everything imaginable went wrong with the loom and the thread, it took me over 6 months to finish. It's supposed to be a tablerunner, but will most likely become a bag.

The first piece I'd every FINISHED! Now, obviously, a tablerunner. I didn't choose the warp colors, either, they were left over from someone who took the class before me and never got around to using it.

This is what happens when I move to a problem-free loom: I make a scarf a week! This one was for my dad.

And here are some vessels I made (not with weaving, obviously!).

The tallest vase is an Arizona iced tea bottle with decoupage flowers I cut out from paper bags from my college bookstore. Recycled art of sorts! The second vase and the little candleholder are both made from glass forms with polymer clay caning over them.

A close-up of the decoupage bottle.

And even though this is neither a vessel nor weaving, I'm very proud of this tray I painted, because I can't usually paint worth crud. But I like the way this guy turned out!
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