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Glitter in your Gruel


...if this comm. is still breathing. I thought it was time I got rated.
Name: Fuchsia.
Age: 23
Weapon of Choice: (knitting needles, sewing machine, serger): All of the above, plus crochet hook, bead wire, hand-loom, and hand-sewing needle.
Style of Choice: Multitudinous. Including Classic Lolita; silk-based luxury; 1920s glam; Victorian slattern.
Favourite Item Made: (Pics and Description)

Black cotton and red duchesse satin striped cincher with playing cards decoration.
This cincher was a lark to make. I would like to experiment more with applique and such.

The rest of 'em:
(None of these things are particularly new, but they are representative of what I usually make. And it might be a while before I complete anything that I have started recently.)

Lace-covered cincher. This would be the 'Victorian Slattern' style:

Pink silk corset with white lace overlay:

Toile Classic Lolita dress:

Black tiered skirt:

And as a change, military-style dress designed by a friend (who's wearing it):
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