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NEW (heavy pictures, sorry)

Name: Lithia
Weapon of Choice: sewing machine, hand sewing, and various crafts
Style of Choice: Mostly EGL but Goth and bondage/fetish style clothing will appear to

Favorite Item Made:

This is my all time favorite EGL outfit, called Sweetheart.. I made the dress, headdress, matching handbag and socks. The collar is loose so I can vary the dress more.
It all started when I saw that cute puffy heart trim in the craft store.
The only thing I don't like is the shape of the sleeves, there should be more poof, I think. (luckily, I've learned how to do that now).
There is a nice picture showing more detailing of the headdress here :
Sweetheart headdress

And now for more application pictures. I start with the oldest first :

This is a jacket and pants combo made of linen with handmade red satin piping and frog closure. The jacket is fully lined with red fabric.To this suit I also made a short skirt with red trim at the hem but I have no picture of it. Sadly this outfit has gone to fabric heaven since I actually wore it so much that it fell apart.

Second, we have the Spiderella outfit :

I made the skirt and the collar on a budget of 175 SEK when I was going to a wedding of one of my friends. The skirt was a thrift store find that I changed to fit me. Then I added the ruffle containing of three layers of materials :
one tulle, one purple satin and one of spiderwebb mesh.
The collar is made of leftover mesh and the waistband of the skirt.
Really like this one, even though it is a wee bit hard to wear at clubs - people keep stepping on me.

And last, comes my very first EGL outfit I made :

This one has also gone to fabric heaven. The fabric started to go broken round the seams and it started to sag on me :(
It is inspired by a dress that Chii wears in chobits and from my favorite director/writer Tim Burton.
This one was tricky to cut since the stripes made the fabric to live and squirm around a lot. The lace is fine Venice lace and the sash,collar and cuffs are made of matte satin. The headdress have ribbon crisscrossing and an oblong shape.

That's all folks

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