Batty (batty) wrote in rate_my_stitch,

My latest creation

Since I haven't posted since I have been stamped I thought I would share my latest work. I was recently commissioned by a customer to make a gothic lolita-esque dress to resemble a dress worn by singer Mika Nakashima in her "Hi no Tori" video. It's one of the most elaborate egl/jpop/jrock type dresses I have made. Here's some pics (lots more pics behind the cut).

The original dress:

I used tulle instead of lace to cut my customer down on the costs (although I would love to do the real lace version). The finished dress consisted of an organza bodice with feather trim and bows on sleeves, a poly boned organza and leopard print cincher with lots of lacing trim, a mulitlayered and hand tattered tulle skirt with train with feathers added in, and a mini hoop skirt.

My version:

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WOW I'm speechles!! This is so wonderfully amazing!!! I do wonder how one gets to be this good of a seamstress ;)
*Clunk* sorry ill just pick up my jaw off the floor now. *Wipes off drool* I have to say impressive.
that is indeed beautiful. i'd love to see it on a human.

this is the only good pic I have of it on someone, it's from the version of it I made for my fashion shows
that's fantastic. thanks.