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I am getting really pumped!! I have a group of friends from my ballet classes coming over on Monday evening to be fitted in outfits (lots of corsets and a few other outfits) I have made because we are doing photo shoots in the coming weeks for setting up my website!! This is gonna be so much fun, first I get to dress beautiful girls in pretty things I made, then we get to run around downtown and have our pictures taken by a professional photographer!! Then I get to show off my work to all you wonderful people!! It is amazing how many outfits I have that I have made, I never really thought about it, but I have been pulling them out of my closets and putting them in my daughter's closet (she just keeps toys in it at the bottom, her clothes are in a different room) for the girls to be able to go through and pick what they want. So be expecting some fun "dancers in corsets and costumes" pictures in the not too distant future!! (If you have any suggestions for fun poses or anything I will be happy to pass them on to the photographer)
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